Enterprise Service Management Software

About Us

Need better results from your corporate strategy execution? You've landed on the right page!

Who We Are

ESM Software Inc. is a software technology provider specializing in developing business strategy management solutions. Our ESM software presents a comprehensive list of programs that transforms your business plans into reality. We understand that having strategic plans are essential to achieve great results. Thus, our enterprise service management software offers an efficient framework that streamlines plan execution and helps business leaders make better decisions. We continuously provide outstanding software services to companies across industries that have remained our clients through the years.

What We Do

ESM or Enterprise Service Management Software enables business strategy execution, planning, and key performance indicators management.

Our Mission

Our mission is to improve organizational processes across industries in conducting business strategies and measuring performances to achieve company goals. We provide easy-to-use, efficient, and accurate Balanced Scorecard metrics in calibrating KPIs and team productivity.


We assist companies in jumping from planning to getting the result they need quickly. We provide businesses with a tool that maximizes time and resources with intelligent ESM Software technology. Strategize, measure, and achieve your objective with a powerful tool.

ESM Goals

Our primary focus is to offer a technology that can lessen the challenges of reaching business goals. So often, companies struggle to make business plans visible and achievable due to miscommunication, lack of coordination, and non-alignment. Our ESM Software navigates around these challenges to facilitate the processes for smooth strategy execution. In addition, we are constantly innovating and improving our software technology to provide more value for our customers.

Product Values

ESM software is a strategy-focused platform that makes it easy to drag and position objectives, activities, and initiatives. We continue to improve its strategy proficiency, ensuring that we can provide and keep up with technological changes within organizations and deliver stellar results.

Increase Productivity

Our software expedites multitasking, saves tremendous time, and motivates staff. Having access to accurate reports of progress and goals, organizations will strive to do more and reach within a specified time.

Why Clients Choose ESM Software

  • Enhance Balanced Scorecard automation
  • Quickly outline strategy in an easy-to-use tool
  • Easy access to key performance indicators (KPI) with accurate charts and online reporting
  • Provide generated strategic reports to avoid presentation stress and minimize errors
  • Manage tasks, portfolio, milestones, and initiatives
  • Ensure the organization is aligned with Personal Balanced Scorecards and team member reviews.
  • Envision plan and results through dynamic strategy maps
  • Position business departments to a fundamental vision with descending Balanced Scorecards